Cambodia, Phnom Penh, April 2006

Mom's husband died in 2001. When he told her in 2000 that he was HIV-positive, Mom was estranged from him for a few days. He was late to be tested and died within month's of his diagnosis. Previously he had worked as a window framer in Phnom Penh, owning his own business. When he was ill he sold the business and the money was used to care for him. They were together for 7 years.

Mom, 30 years old, has one 6 year old son, who is not HIV-positive. She works as a weaver earning about $US 20 per month - less than she used to earn. She is responsible for her family - 15 members. The family receives food assistance and there is no money left from her husband's business. Her son receives support from Partners in Compassion for books and clothing. Mom says that without food assistance the family could not survive.

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