Indonesia, Banda Aceh, January 2005

On January 15th 2005 the WFP Rapid Assessment Team undertook an assessment of the current situation of the people that lived in the town of Banda Aceh.

Deny Hadisansyah, (Grey T-shirt black baseball cap) was a student in senior high school. He and his family are not staying in an IDP camp. His sisters died during the Tsunami disaster. Now he is trying to clean out his house because he hopes to come back to live in his house as soon as possible because it is their only house. His three nephews are there with him to help clean out the house. The main issue is that they have to wait for the electrical system to be up and running again before moving in. is parents are both alive. His father used to work as a carpenter but lost all his tools which were stored in the shed behind the house during the tidal wave and is not in the possibility to resume his working activity. He said that his family received a little sum of money to buy food from the government. However they are in need for more and also in need for clothes.

In the photo his nephews.

Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud

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