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Key Publications

2018 - WFP and the Retail Sector

How does WFP increase the purchasing power for customers of WFP-contracted shops through cash-based assistance? Learn about the benefits that WFP and local retailers provide for the people we serve.

Gender and Markets Initiative for West and Central Africa - Country Factsheets

Factsheets of findings and recommendations from the case studies

WFP’s regional Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) Unit’s Gender and Markets Initiative aims to build the evidence base for the impact and...

Gender and Markets Initiative for West and Central Africa - Gender and Markets Tools

Tools for integrating Gender into Market Analysis

In the effort to investigate the linkages between gender analysis and market assessments in West Africa, the Gender and Market Initiative has developed...

Gender and Markets Initiative for West and Central Africa - Food Security Analysis Tools

With support from the Gender Office, VAM has established gender analysis standards for conducting assessments—including in emergency contexts. Below are examples developed outside of the Gender and Markets Initiative...

2018 - WFP: Six Decades of Fighting Famine, Responding to Emergencies and Working to End Hunger

An overview of WFP's work in major emergencies since its establishment in 1961.

2018 - WFP's contribution to the SDGs

In seeking to end Hunger and promoting wide partnerships to do so, WFP works across the spectrum of Sustainable Development Goals enshrined in the 2030 Agenda.

2017 - Supply Chain at a Glance

​WFP's supply chain manages the entire process of end-to-end planning, procuring and delivering food assistance. This factsheet provides the facts and figures relating to WFP’s supply chain operations...

2018 - WFP and Food Fortification

This two-page document gives a brief introduction to food fortification and why it is a priority for WFP.


2018 - UNHRD mid-year review

See at a glance how the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot supported its partners' response to global humanitarian crises in this overview of major shipments and events from January through June 2018....

2018 - WFP Malawi

A series of factsheets covering various topics including resilience, school meals, nutrition and refugee operations in Malawi.