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Key Publications

Laos Country Strategic Plan comic book

WFP outlines its strategic plan for Laos from 2017 - 2021 in a comic book so that it is accessible to local communities.

Achieving Zero Hunger - WFP in India

The World Food Programme is working towards zero hunger. We are providing technical support to the Government of India to ensure that vulnerable families can access healthy and fortified foods.

India Country Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

Despite recent economic growth, a large proportion of India's population still require support to maintain healthy diets. This strategic plan lays out WFP's priorities in India, which include working closely...

Building Efficient Paddy Procurement and Supply Chain Systems for the Targeted Public Distribution System in Odisha

A report on the collaboration between the Government of Odisha and the World Food Programme to strengthen and computerise their food distribution systems.

A Landscape Analysis of Rice Fortification in Sri Lanka - an Overview

More than 33 percent of children in Sri Lanka are iron deficient, and fortifying food is a key step towards overcoming micro-nutrient deficiences. Rice is a staple food throughout the country, and this report...

2016 - National Status, Dietary Practices and Pattern of Physical Activity among School Children Aged 6 - 12 years

Findings of this study will be used to determine future programmes aimed at supporting Sri Lanka's children.

Iodine Deficiency Status in Sri Lanka - 2016. Fourth National Survey.

Iodine deficiencies have been detected in Sri Lanka since the 1940s, and remain a problem today. This study examined the iodine in children and discusses simple methods of addressing this.

Eating Protein-Rich Foods is Good for our Body's Growth

A comic to help school children in Timor - Leste learn about the importance of eating foods rich in protein.

2017 - WFP-EU Annual Partnership Report

As conflict and climate disasters continue to ravage communities, reaching Zero Hunger becomes more difficult. Rising to these challenges, the European Union and Member States were WFP’s largest donor in 2017...

2017 - Indonesia - An Eating Habit Study

The World Food Programme and the Government of Indonesia are working together to support female adolescents to eat more fruit and vegetables. This study examines the factors that influence what young women are eating...