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Key Publications

2017 - WFP Nigeria Factsheets

Updated factsheets providing details on different aspects of WFP's operations in Nigeria.

2017 - Chief of Staff, Rehan Asad - Biography

Rehan Asad was appointed as the World Food Programme’s Chief of Staff in July 2017. The new Department headed by Mr Asad will focus on strengthening the role WFP plays as one of the world’s...

2017 - Innovations - WFP Mali

Factsheets on innovations developed by WFP in Mali to reach the most vulnerable populations in hard-to-reach areas, support the local economy and food value chains, support government priorities such as social...

2017 - Smallholder Agriculture Market Support (SAMS) activities - WFP Mali

Factsheet on Smallholder agriculture and value chain support in Mali.

2017 - Food assistance for Assets (FFA) Activities - WFP Mali

Factsheet on Food Assistance for Assets Activities carried out in Mali to support sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable rural communities and their resilience to climate change.

2017 - General activities - WFP Mali

Factsheet on general activities carried out in Mali

2017 - Climate-related Disasters and Food Insecurity: Preparedness and Response

Climate-related disasters are a major driver for global hunger. This factsheet provides an overview of how the major 2017 disasters have impacted people's food insecurity and what WFP has been doing to help.

2017 - C-ADAPT : Climate Resilience for food security

The C-ADAPT initiative has allowed WFP and partners to draw upon knowledge and experiences that aim to positively impact investment in adaptation and resilience. This factsheet analyses the two pillars of the...

2017 - High-End cLimate Impact and eXtremes (HELIX)

The High-End Climate Impact and Extreme initiative (HELIX) is a multi-disciplinary research consortium project which aims to assess the long-term impacts of extreme climate change, including food security. This...

2017 - WFP and Climate Factsheets

With climate change increasing the frequency and intensity of disasters, it is becoming more urgent to support people’s ability to adapt and build their resilience to risks. One of the ways WFP does this is...