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Key Publications

CSIS “Our Global Challenges Series” Dialogue: Ending Poverty And Hunger; Washington, DC (24/11/09)

We’re discussing the first millennium development goal, which is about ending extreme hunger and poverty, and the target – specifically by 2015 – of cutting the proportion of hungry and those living...

2010 - Hunger and Climate Change

There are more than one billion hungry people in the world – and climatic changes threaten to significantly increase the number of people at risk of hunger and undernutrition.

Statement at the World Food Summit; Rome, Italy (16/11/09)

We stand at a critical crossroads. At this moment in time we must galvanize all nations, all people, all resources to defeat hunger. Or we can watch helplessly as the first – and most foundational –...

Opening Statement to the WFP Executive Board; Rome, Italy (09/11/09)

Thank you Mr President and welcome everyone, I think with that beautiful introduction, we can just introduce the video that will pay tribute to our colleagues who were lost and wounded in the attack and also remember...

Remarks to the Committee on Food Security; Rome, Italy (14/10/09)

We stand at a critical crossroads. It is not unlike the one faced by leaders gathered in Rome in 1974 at the World Food Summit, which established the Committee on Food Security. While we have had great success...

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran at the 'A Call to Action on Nutrition' Forum - New York (22/09/09)

Make no mistake: President Obama's historic and bold commitment to food security, nutrition and hunger is moving the world. This administration's united front, with Secretary Clinton leading the effort, is ensuring...

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran at Millennium Promise Event - New York (21/09/09)

I am in the hunger business; it is what we do exclusively, 24/7, and I am sorry to tell you that business is booming. Today we are not only in an economic crisis, but a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran on MoU with Millennium Villages project; New York, New York (28/09/09)

It is really our honour to partner with the Millennium villages. The time demands that we do. Hunger is the march, hunger is on the rise, and it is right now the most threatened Millennium Development Goal.

WFP Deputy Executive Director Staffan de Mistura at the Third World Climate Conference - (03/09/09)

The increasing number of climate and weather-related disasters and the impact that these may have on vulnerable people is troubling. While the number of hungry people has reached 1 billion, the number of people at...