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Key Publications

2010 - Purchase for Progress

With P4P, WFP uses its purchasing power in new ways that will develop agricultural markets and support smallholder farmers' engagement in those markets.

LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE: Good Practices From 45 Years of School Feeding

The World Food Programme has worked with governments and NGOs on school feeding programmes for 45 years.  

FEED MINDS, CHANGE LIVES: School feeding, the Millennium Development Goals and Girls' Empowerment

School feeding responds directly to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to hunger and poverty (MDG 1), education (MDG 2) and gender equality (MDG 3), and indirectly to child mortality and maternal health...

2010 - WFP and Safe Access to Firewood

"Safe, fuel-efficient stoves enable women to be the frontline champions in the battle against climate change and hunger and empower communities with immediate, practical, adaptation solutions" -  WFP...

Opening Remarks to the WFP Executive Board; Rome, Italy (07/06/10)

With your support, we stand firmly on the foundation of profound reforms and will consider at this Board new financial improvements that have made us better prepared, better positioned and better able to fulfill our...

WFP Annual Report 2009

2009 proved to be another challenging year for WFP.  Just as the number of hungry people worldwide grew to more than 1 billion - the highest number on record - the Programme also faced shrinking...

Occasional Paper 22 - Ability and Readiness of Nations to Reduce Hunger: Analyzing Economic and Governance Capacities for Hunger Reduction - G. Diriba

This study articulates countries’ ability and readiness to reduce hunger and to lay the foundation for engagement with host governments by identifying important capacity-development and hand-over activities.

WFP School Feeding Policy

The World Food Programme vision is to reduce hunger among schoolchildren so that hunger is not an obstacle to their development. WFP has 45 years of experience in school feeding, throughout which it has helped...

Opening Remarks to the WFP Executive Board; Rome, Italy (08/02/10)

My thanks to all who have been mentioned in a year of service, your great service to the World Food Programme. Mr. President, I think it is unanimous, you have successfully shepherded this Board through a challenging...