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Key Publications

2016 - NGO Partnerships - Strengthening national capacity

75 percent of WFP’s food assistance is delivered together with NGOs. Around 800 of WFP’s more than 1,000 NGO partners are national and local NGOs. 

2016 - WFP & Norway - Partners against Hunger

At a time of unprecedented humanitarian emergencies, WFP depends more than ever on partners like Norway to help us respond quickly and effectively to the needs of millions of people exposed to conflict and natural...

2016 - WFP Aviation

WFP Aviation supports the humanitarian community’s response to multiple complex emergencies through a combination of airlifts, airfreights and airdrops.

2016 - WFP and Canada: Partnership against Hunger

The Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada,  is one of WFP’s most important partners and one of our largest overall contributors for the last five years.

2017 - India Annual Review

​In 2017, the World Food Programme continued to strive towards Sustainable Development Goal 2 – a world that is free from hunger. By partnering with the government and the private sector, WFP is determined to...

Road and Market Access and Household Food Security in Nepal

Evidence shows that isolation strongly undermines household food security. This report examines the impact that access to roads and markets can have on remote Nepali communities. These include improved health,...

2017 Endline Survey of Indonesia's School Meals Programme (Pro-GAS)

Indonesia's school meals programme was designed to reduce the levels of stunting and malnutrition among children in rural areas. This report is an assessment of success made to reduce malnutrition and...

Laos Country Strategic Plan comic book

WFP outlines its strategic plan for Laos from 2017 - 2021 in a comic book so that it is accessible to local communities.

Achieving Zero Hunger - WFP in India

The World Food Programme is working towards zero hunger. We are providing technical support to the Government of India to ensure that vulnerable families can access healthy and fortified foods.

India Country Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

Despite recent economic growth, a large proportion of India's population still require support to maintain healthy diets. This strategic plan lays out WFP's priorities in India, which include working closely...