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Key Publications

2016 - South-South and Triangular Cooperation

This publication explores how WFP facilitates South-South cooperation to help countries advance their national objectives and build capacities to fight hunger and malnutrition towards achieving Agenda 2030. Seven...

2016 - WFP Supply Chain Annual Report 2015

WFP’s supply chain manages the entire process of end-to-end planning, procuring and delivering assistance. It provides shared supply chain services and safe and quality food, goods and transport worth an...

2016 - Inter-religious engagement for Zero Hunger

In today’s world of unprecedented need and inadequate solutions, ending hunger is possible only with stronger partnerships between governments, religious communities, global food agencies such as WFP, and other...

2016 - NGO Partnerships - Strengthening national capacity

75 percent of WFP’s food assistance is delivered together with NGOs. Around 800 of WFP’s more than 1,000 NGO partners are national and local NGOs. 

2016 - WFP & Norway - Partners against Hunger

At a time of unprecedented humanitarian emergencies, WFP depends more than ever on partners like Norway to help us respond quickly and effectively to the needs of millions of people exposed to conflict and natural...

2016 - WFP Aviation

WFP Aviation supports the humanitarian community’s response to multiple complex emergencies through a combination of airlifts, airfreights and airdrops.

2016 - WFP and Canada: Partnership against Hunger

The Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada,  is one of WFP’s most important partners and one of our largest overall contributors for the last five years.

Kenya - Zero Hunger Strategic Review

The Kenya Zero Hunger Strategic Review report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current status and trends of agriculture, food and nutrition security in Kenya within the context of the United Nations SDG 2 “...

Gender and Markets Initiative for West and Central Africa - Better Targeting Training and Toolkit

Training materials and resources for integrating gender into market analysis

The training aims to build the capacity of learners to understand and apply processes, tools and good practices to integrate gender...

Gender and Markets Initiative for West and Central Africa - Partnerships, Dialogue and Exchange

Conferences and Webinars on Gender, Markets, Data and Innovation

You can find our Conference short films here.
The Gender and Markets Initiatives works in collaboration with multiple partners and...