Policy / Publications

Key Publications

2017 - WFP's Policy on Climate Change

The Climate Change Policy articulates WFP’s contribution to national and global efforts to reduce climate change impacts on hunger, including strengthening resilience of vulnerable communities to climate-...

2017 - SysFOOD – The Systemic Food Assistance Initiative

The Systemic FoodA Initiative (SysFOOD) aims to boost and expand efforts to enhance food system performance across the globe.

2017 - MENA Initiative for School Meals and Social Protection: A partnership for enhanced nutrition, education and resilience

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Initiative for School Meals and Social Protection aims at enhancing the effectiveness, broadening the coverage and impact of school meals programmes supporting marginalized...

2017 - How school meals contribute to the SDGs

School meals have multiple benefits and there is hard evidence that supports this claim. However, due to the multi-faceted nature of school meals, it is difficult to obtain a complete overview of the evidence.

2016 - Syria Year in Review

Through the eyes of those we serve, this innovative report tells the story of WFP’s work in 2016 to support four million people each month in Syria.

2017 - Emergency Preparedness Infographic

This infographic sets out how WFP prepares for an emergency operation. In 2015, WFP provided emergency assistance to 50 million people in 59 countries.

2016 - South-South and Triangular Cooperation

This publication explores how WFP facilitates South-South cooperation to help countries advance their national objectives and build capacities to fight hunger and malnutrition towards achieving Agenda 2030. Seven...

WFP Strategic Plan (2017-2021)

The Strategic Plan (2017–2021) aligns WFP with the 2030 Agenda, focusing on ending hunger and contributing to revitalized global partnerships to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It sets...

Policy on Country Strategic Plans

The Policy on Country Strategic Plans provides a framework for WFP to align relief, recovery and development interventions, while upholding its commitment to prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable people in...

2016 - WFP Supply Chain Annual Report 2015

WFP’s supply chain manages the entire process of end-to-end planning, procuring and delivering assistance. It provides shared supply chain services and safe and quality food, goods and transport worth an...