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Key Publications

2017 - Food Security and Nutrition in Guatemala

This Strategic Review aims to provide an independent analysis of food and nutrition security in Guatemala as well as recommendations for the Government and other relevant actors, including international agencies, on...

2017 - Food Security and Nutrition in the Philippines

This Strategic Review supports achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2 and the country’s vision as spelled out in Ambisyon Natin 2040, and complements the formulation of the Philippine Development Plan (...

2017 - Uganda - Zero Hunger Review

The aim of this Strategic Review was to analyze: the situation of hunger, food and nutrition security in Uganda in line with SDG2 targets; the policy, legal and institutional frameworks to the extent to...

2017 - Remote Sensing for Index Insurance - findings and lessons learned for smallholder agriculture

Index insurance has a role to play in agricultural development and risk management, yet it faces operational and technical challenges to reach scale and sustainability.

2017 - The Weather Risk Management Facility (WRMF)

The Weather Risk Management Facility (WRMF) is a joint initiative by the World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) established in 2008 to reduce smallholders'...

2017 - Lao PDR - Cook Book

Recipes for primary school and home meals

Shock-responsive social protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

What factors enable social protection systems to be more responsive to shocks?

This is the main research question of the Study on Shock-responsive Social Protection in Latin America...

2016 - WFP and Bangladesh - Review of 2016

During 2016, Bangladesh has seen a period of continued and impressive economic progress registering a GDP growth of 7.1 percent for the year and with strong social development gains.

2017 - Food security and emigration - El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Why people flee and the impact on family members left behind in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras shows the need to invest in long-term programmes to discourage people in the Dry Corridor from emigrating ...