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WFP and Climate

Find here a collection of WFP main climate-related publications. Scan the QR codes and download them directly on your smart phone and laptop.

UK-funded multi-purpose cash in Lebanon

Multi-purpose funding in Lebanon

2018 - Two minutes on School Feeding Factsheet

Learn about how WFP provides school meals, snacks & take-home incentives, as well as technical assistance to governments for national school feeding programmes.

WFP School Feeding Programmes in 2017

​This infographic gives a global overview of WFP’s School Feeding activities in 2017; from school meals in emergency contexts to take-home incentives, and home-grown initiatives linking to local agriculture.

2018 - Hunger and Conflict fact sheet

The single greatest challenge to achieving Zero Hunger is armed conflict. War leads to greater food insecurity. And, in its turn, food insecurity increases the chances of unrest and violence.

2018 - Hunger Map

From Africa and Asia to Latin America and the Near East, there are 821 million people in the world who do not get enough food to lead a normal, active life. Our downloadable Hunger Map provides...

2018 - Zero Hunger: overcoming the odds

This 2-pager is an overview of the role WFP plays in the humanitarian world and includes a review of our 2017 achievements.

2018 - Cash Transfers Factsheet

This factsheet explains why WFP transfers cash for humanitarian aid, and how cash transfers have grown in the last decade to represent over 30 percent of the organization’s global assistance.

2018 - FoodSECuRE factsheet

FoodSECuRE is a multilateral, multi-year replenishable fund designed to financially and programmatically support community-centred action to reinforce and build climate resilience.

2018 - Cash-Based Transfers - Infographic

This infographic shows the steady growth of  WFP cash transfers over the years. With US$1.4 billion directly transferred to 19.2 million people in 2017, cash transfers account for over 30 percent of WFP’s...