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2017 - Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 

2017 - Two minutes to learn about school meals

In the fight against hunger, school meals are a sound investment in the next generation, which is why WFP provided meals, snacks or take-home food to 16.4 million children in 60 countries last year. 

2017 - Working for Zero Hunger

The World Food Programme saves lives in emergencies and empowers people to create a more secure, nourishing future. Amid funding challenges, we work hard, with governments and multiple partners, to...

2017 - Supply Chain

WFP's supply chain manages the entire process of end-to-end planning, procuring and delivering food assistance. Check out this factsheet to see the latest facts and figures of WFP’s supply chain...

2017 - WFP and the Retail Sector

How does WFP increase the purchasing power for customers of WFP-contracted shops through cash-based assistance? Learn about the benefits that WFP and local retailers provide for the people we serve.

2017 - Protection & Accountability to Affected Populations - WFP Myanmar

Myanmar is undergoing a significant political and socio-economic transformation.  While expectations for growth and development are high, the new Government is challenged with consolidating democracy and...

2017 - WFP Executive Director - Biography

In a public service and business career that spans more than four decades, David Beasley has worked across political, religious and ethnic lines to champion economic development, humanitarian assistance, education...

2017 - Food Assistance for Assets

Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) is one of WFP’s flagship initiatives aimed at addressing the most food-insecure people’s immediate food needs with cash, vouchers or food transfers and improving their...

2017 - The Three-pronged Approach (3PA) factsheet

An innovative programming approach, 3PA was developed by WFP in consultation with governments and partners. The aim is to strengthen the design, planning and implementation of programmes in resilience building,...

2017 - Emergency Preparedness Infographic

This infographic sets out how WFP prepares for an emergency operation. In 2015, WFP provided emergency assistance to 50 million people in 59 countries.