How can I register as a supplier to the United Nations World Food Programme? 

WFP is a partner in the United Nations Global Marketplace. Please visit the UNGM in order to register as a potential vendor. Ensure that you have read the document Doing Business with WFP, both for food and goods and services, prior to registering as a supplier in the UNGM. Refer to the Vendor Registration section for more information. 

I have been approved as a WFP vendor but I have never been invited to bid. 

This may be because the product or service you offer is rarely required, and we simply haven't needed to buy any.

Are UN Purchases tax/duty free? 

As an inter-governmental organisation, the UN is exempt from payment of taxes and duties for its purchases.

How much is the minimum asset required to qualify as a supplier to the WFP? 

This depends on the supply/service for which you wish to be considered.

Does WFP HQ Procurement in Rome conduct purchases for the whole WFP system?

No. For non-food items, WFP regional and country offices have delegated authorities to carry out their own procurement up to established financial limits. Purchases beyond these limits are conducted by WFP HQ Procurement. For food, WFP operates on three levels: HQ, regional and local.

How does the WFP pay suppliers? 

The WFP payment terms for goods and services are normally net 30 days upon receipt of invoice and delivery of goods or performance of contractual services.
For food purchases payment is usually made in the form of cash by electronic transfer against presentation of the usual shipping documents. WFP undertakes to effect the payment within 4 (four) working days following the day of presentation of the necessary documents.
Advance payments (such as for subscriptions) and progress payments prior to delivery of goods or performance of contractual services ordered may be approved on an exceptional basis at the discretion of the United Nations, if such payments are required pursuant to normal commercial practice or considered to be in the interest of WFP. The agency does not issue letters of credit.