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The Cost of Hunger in Africa: Egypt 2013

The Cost of Hunger in Africa: Egypt  2013

Implications of Child Undernutrition on the Social and Economic Development of Egypt, June 2013.


Quick Facts on Egypt Study

  • Today, more stunted children in Egypt than 10 years ago
  • As many as 81% of all cases of child undernutrition and its related pathologies go untreated.
  • 51% of the health costs associated with undernutrition occur before the child turns 1 year-old.
  • 11% of all child mortality cases in Egypt are associated with undernutrition.
  • Child mortality associated with undernutrition has reduced Egypt’s workforce by 1%
  • The annual costs associated with child undernutrition are estimated at 20.3 billion Egyptian pounds (US$3.7 billion), which is equivalent to 1.9% of GDP.
  • Eliminating stunting in Egypt is a necessary step for development in the country.