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CEQAS Centralized Evaluation Quality Assurance System Guidance Materials
CEQAS is the 'how-to' of centralized evaluation and quality standards.

It is an integral part of WFP’s Evaluation Policy 2016-2021 and has two objectives:

  1. To improve the credibility and utility of evaluations
  2. To facilitate lessons learning from evaluations across WFP

CEQAS was developed using the knowledge of three major evaluation networks:

  1. United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG)
  2. Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP)
  3. Evaluation Net of the OECD/DAC

It incorporated common practice among evaluation practitioners. These standards and practices were adapted to WFP's context.

CEQAS provides guidance on: 

  • Each step in the evaluation process, to ensure transparency and a systematic way of working across evaluation teams
  • The structure of evaluation reports, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the evaluation subject, and systematic, comparable reporting
  • Expected quality standards, including criteria for quality assurance 

The guidance materials on Impact Evaluations are currently under revision.

If you are looking for cross-cutting technical notes that apply to all evaluation types, please refer to this page.