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The Gambia - Daa Nyeeno: Food Security and Market Information, 2011

Daa Nyeeno - Food Security and Market Information Bulletin for The Gambia aims at informing decision makers and policies on the evolving food security situation in the country. It is complementary to...

WFP Zambia's Overall Strategy

Learn about WFP Zambia's life cycle approach and summary of current programmes

UN Zambia Newsletter - October 2011

A summary of UN activities in Zambia during October 2011.

Weather Index-based Insurance in Agricultural Development: A Technical Guide

IFAD and WFP have been working together on weather index-based insurance (WII) since 2008 through the joint Weather Risk Management Facility (WRMF). This upcoming technical guide translates the...

Enhancing Market Transparency -- Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)

This first, interim report introduces AMIS to a wide audience. It presents the rationale and process leading to the establishment of AMIS and illustrates the types of outputs that AMIS intends to...

occupied Palestinian territory - Food Security and Market Monitoring, 2011

This Food Security and Market Monitoring system provides up-to-date information on access and availability of basic food commodities in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

Burundi - Système de suivi de la sécurité alimentaire, 2011

Burundi - Système de suivi de la sécurité alimentaire, 2011

South Sudan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2011

South Sudan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2011

Horn of Africa Weather Outlook, 2011

This note provides an update on the expected weather conditions for the Horn of Africa in the run-up and during the next growing season which will start from mid-September and last until mid-January...

Somalia - Food Market and Supply Situation in Southern Somalia, October 2011

The purpose of this report is to provide insights into markets and supply conditions in responding to food demand of famine-affected people in southern Somalia. It is based mainly on secondary data...