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Sierra Leone - Market Bulletins, 2011

 Sierra Leone - Market Bulletins, 2011

Annual Report 2010 - Bhutan

Annual Report 2010 - Bhutan

Southern Africa - Regional Food Security Updates, 2011

Southern Africa - Regional Food Security Updates, 2011

occupied Palestinian territory - Changes on Gaza Market and Household Conditions following Israel's 20 June 2010 New Access Regime, June 2011

The Government of Israel (GoI) announced on 20 June 2010 its decision to “ease” the blockade on the Gaza Strip by expanding commercial crossings and improving access to humanitarian and...

From Food Aid to Food Assistance Working in Partnership: A Strategic Evaluation

This evaluation of WFP’s partnerships is one of four strategic evaluations undertaken in the 2010–2011 biennium that relate to the shift from food aid to food assistance as called for in...

Cote d'Ivoire - Marchés et réponse humanitaire, Juin 2011

The study covered 16 markets of the West, the North and the communes of Abobo and Yopougon, located in Abidjan. The team interviewed 197 traders involved in the grains and cash crop (cocoa and cashew...

République démocratique du Congo - Etude des Marchés dans les territoires du Sud-Kivu et du Maniema, Juin 2011

L’enquête marché dans les territoires du Sud Kivu et du Maniema a été menée sur la période allant du 19/04/2011 au 04/05/2011. Elle s’était focalisée sur 7 principaux produits...

The World Food Programme in Tajikistan

For more information on what WFP does in Tajikistan, go to the link for our fact sheets. These will tell you about the history of WFP in this Central Asian country along with our challenges and...

Namibia: Facts and Figures

Since gaining independence in 1990, Namibia has enjoyed relative stability. Income disparity is high, as indicated by its Gini index value of 0.74. With one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world...