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Evaluation of the WFP Emergency Operations (EMOPs) 10048.00/01/02 in the Sudan: Food Assistance to populations affected by war and drought

WFP’s emergency operation in the Sudan has been central to humanitarian efforts and its interventions have been critical in helping to saving lives. This is widely recognized by donors,...

Evaluation of WFP's Portfolio of Activities in Rwanda

The evaluation took a retrospective view of WFP’s portfolio of activities between 1999 and 2003, in particular the emergency–recovery–development linkages. It found that the built-...

Review of the UNJLC Core unit

The objective of his report is to derive lessons and best practices to improve the application of the UNJLC concept in future deployments.

Sri Lanka - FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission, May 2004

An FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission visited Sri Lanka from 7–26 March 2004 to assess the 2003/04 Maha crop harvest, forecast 2004 Yala production, and estimate cereal import...