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P4P Country Programme Profiles

Learn more details about the specific approaches in the P4P pilot countries.

Indonesia Country Sheet - June 2010

Significant strategic changes are now underway at WFP Indonesia. The emphasis will be on a twin-track approach, addressing immediate hunger while tackling root causes of hunger as well in a...

The nutritional status of school-aged children: Why should we care?

The attached document contains the appendices to the WFP/UFHRI publication 'The nutritional status of school-aged children: Why should we care?' which appeared in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin in...

The 2010 Long Rains Season Assessment Report

A collaborative report of the Kenya Food Security Steering Group (KFSSG): Office of the President (Ministry of State for Special Programmes); Office of the Prime Minister (Ministry of...

Opening Statement to the Executive Board; Rome, Italy (08/11/10)

"...FAO last week announced that its Food Price Index in October hit the highest level in 27 months and prices are just a few points away from the record highs of 2008, with increases in global...

Profile: Kafulu Association

The main crops of this Malawian farmer organization are maize, beans, groundnuts, soya, cowpeas, and tobacco. Kafulu Association has a membership of 1,300 farmers (885 males and 415 females).  

Profile: Chikwatula Cooperative

The main crops of the Chikwatula Cooperative are macadamia, maize, beans, groundnuts, soya, cowpeas, and tobacco. This farmer organization has a membership of 1,270 farmers (800 males and 470 females...

Hunger and Climate Change

There are more than one billion hungry people in the world – and climatic changes threaten to significantly increase the number of people at risk of hunger and undernutrition.

Malawi - Partnerships

WFP Malawi’s primary partner is the Government of Malawi. WFP Malawi also works in collaboration with UN agencies (UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP), local and international non‐governmental organizations,...