• 2017 - Promoting sustainable livelihoods in Syria

    The World Food Programme provides livelihood activities that empower vulnerable communities to rebuild their lives and restore a sense of normalcy, preparing Syrians for a post-conflict context....

  • 2016 - Syria Year in Review

    Through the eyes of those we serve, this innovative report tells the story of WFP’s work in 2016 to support four million people each month in Syria.

  • 2017 - Syria Year in Review

    Reaching millions of women, men, boys and girls in Syria every month, this report tells the story of WFP’s work in Syria and the people it touched during 2017.

  • Syrian Arab Republic - Deir-ez-Zor City WFP Assessment, February 2018

    The assessment employed qualitative data collection instruments and secondary data analysis (mVAM, FSA, HNO, WFP market price monitoring). Data collection took place on February 13-14, 2018. Focus...

  • Syrian Arab Republic - Ar-Raqqa City Assessment, January 2018

    The assessment was conducted by Global Survey facilitators through focus group discussions (FGD) with local councils, community leaders, and household visits and key informant interviews with local...

  • Syria - Market Price Watch, 2018

    Market Price Watch Bulletins, 2018

  • The Market Monitor

    This bulletin provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential impacts on the cost of the basic food basket.

  • Syria - Food Security Bulletins

    WFP Syria is currently monitoring food security conditions in besieged and hard-to-reach areas of Syria through phone calls to key informants and households. Each month, respondents are asked...

  • Seasonal Monitor

    The WFP Seasonal Monitor examines satellite imagery of rainfall and vegetation in order to assess the development of the growing season and how such conditions might ...

  • Syria - Market Price Watch, 2017

    The improved security situation in some besieged and hard-to-reach areas has positively impacted supply routes. In particular improved market functionality has increased food availability and...