What does it take to put P4P into action?

“I am very excited to see we are now discussing what it really takes to go out and contract from small-scale farmers, do small size tenders, how to establish processing and warehouses because there isn’t enough capacity to store grains, or how to get women farmers involved”, said Lutz Goedde, Deputy Director of the Agriculture Development department at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation describing the first Purchase for Progress Annual Review meeting.

Goedde was one of the architects of P4P, working with WFP in the design of the project.

Working closely with the private sector to guarantee the sustainability of market developments, promoting market literacy for targeted farmers, investing in female training, confidence building and literacy as entry points to improve the participation of female farmers are some of the recommendations that emerged from the Annual Review Meeting, held in Rome 8-10 December.

The meeting offered the opportunity to WFP staff, partners, donors and other stakeholder to exchange information and share knowledge about the various activities that P4P entails. The 150 participants were able to learn about the warehouse receipt system in Uganda, processing facilities to produce blended food in Burkina Faso and the work of Root Capital a non-profit financial institution that provides capital and financial training to small and growing businesses in rural areas of Africa and Latin America. Lutz Goedde outlines what he thought were some of the most interesting ideas being offered, and some of the most significant challenges for the programme.