10 Facts About Hunger In Syria

Here are 10 facts about hunger in Syria, where the World Food Programme (WFP) has its largest and most complex operation worldwide. Please help WFP raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

1) More than 11 million Syrians have fled their homes to other Syrian cities or to neighbouring countries.

2) It costs WFP one dollar to feed a displaced Syrian for a day.

3) Humanitarian needs in Syria have increased more than 12 fold since the beginning of the crisis.

4) Before the crisis, Syria was a middle-income country. Today, one in three Syrians lives under the poverty line.

5) WFP provides a lifeline for almost six million Syrians through food rations, vouchers and e-cards.

6) Since the start of the Syrian crisis, WFP has delivered more than one million metric tons of food to save the lives of displaced families on the move.

7) Since the start of the crisis, WFP has injected more than US$1.3 billion into the economies of neighbouring countries through the food voucher programme used to support Syrian refugees.

8) Food production in Syria has dropped by 40 percent compared to pre-conflict levels.

9) Bread is central to the Syrian diet. Since the start of the crisis, more than half of Syria’s public bakeries have been damaged, increasing bread prices by up to 1000 percent in the hardest hit areas.

10) To fight malnutrition and prevent micronutrient deficiency, WFP is providing Nutributter & Plumpy’Doz - specialized nutritious products – to 240,000 Syrian children this year.

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