10 Things To Know About Hunger In Burkina Faso

Here are ten things to know to understand the food and nutrition situation in Burkina Faso. Please help the World Food Programme (WFP) raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

1) According to the 2013 Hunger Index, Burkina Faso is ranked 65th out of 78 countries. In the Human Development Index 2014, Burkina Faso is ranked 183rd out of 187.

2) Annually, costs associated with undernutrition are estimated to be 409 billion CFA – US$802,000 – or 7.7 percent of Burkina Faso’s GDP.

3) Two thirds of children who suffer from undernutrition do not receive medical attention.

4) 40.1 percent of infant deaths in Burkina Faso are associated with undernutrition. 

5) Stunted children (where there is a height deficiency relevant to age) also complete, on average, 0.3 years less of education than children who are not stunted.

6) Infant mortality rates, associated with undernutrition, have decreased Burkina Faso’s workforce by 13.6 percent.

7) In 2014, about a quarter of the population in Burkina Faso was undernourished.  

8) Currently, over 1.5 million children are at risk of food insecurity in Burkina Faso, and about 350,000 are in need of emergency assistance. .

9) Nationally, only 11.4 percent of children under two years of age receive the recommended number of daily meals. 

10) About 499,000 children under five suffer from acute malnutrition. 

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