10 Ways You Can Fight Hunger This Holiday Season

Play the addictive online quiz game FreeRice, Tweet some hunger facts to friends, watch a couple of videos. Wherever you are, from New York to New Delhi, if you have access to Internet, you're in a position to help fight hunger. Here are ten things you can do right now.

ROME—This year, the number of hungry people on Earth went down for the first time in five years, which is good news—but not good enough. There are still more than 925 million people, mainly children, who do not eat enough to be healthy

Over the holiday season you might have a little more time than usual. So why not use it to join the online fight against hunger. Here is a list of ten things you can do:

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Tweetable hunger facts 


Click on the facts above and access your Twitter account.


Teachers and students 


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Schools, universities and colleges are especially important to WFP because the more people learn about hunger, the more likely it is that the problem will be solved.

Learn about nutrition (in 2 minutes)

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1. Play the new FreeRice game
Go to FreeRice.com and play the social new version of this popular quiz game. For every right answer, 10 grains of rice go to the hungry. It’s the advertisers who pay, not you.

2. Tweet hunger facts to friends
Use Twitter to send the three facts you see to the right to a few friends. You can find a few of our suggested tweets on the right. You’re already helping inform the world about hunger.

3. Put a photo on the ‘Wall’
If you want a cool gift for a loved one, think about this: honour them by making a donation and putting their picture on our Wall Against Hunger.

4. Play Food Force
Download this compelling computer game and direct your own emergency food mission to the drought and war-torn island of Sheylan. Share with kids, who will love the fast-paced gameplay.

5. Go 'On the road' with WFP
Check out our On the road video blog. It'll show you what's involved in fighting hunger worldwide and help you understand why WFP does what it does.

6. Listen to the Wailers
Listen to 'A Step for Mankind', a song about fighting hunger by legendary band The Wailers. It's on a compilation album by Oniric Records, which you can find here. Download the album and your money goes to WFP.

7. Become a WFP Facebook fan
Are you on Facebook? Go to our page and become a fan. It’s another way of keeping up-to-date on the issues and showing your support.

8. Support the women of the world
When food is scarce, women and children suffer the most. Empowering women is a key step in breaking the cycle of hunger. Send a message of solidarity for women worldwide, and we’ll help you make sure it’s heard.

9. Tell a teacher about wfp.org
We would love to see hunger issues talked about more in school. Download some suggested lesson plans from our students and teachers section and pass them on to a teacher you know.

10. Learn about nutrition in 2 minutes
Why is nutrition so important? Find out in just two minutes with this animated video and share it with your friends.