7 Must-See Infographics On Hunger And Nutrition

Do you want to find out more about hunger and nutrition? Do you find infographics a useful tool for getting up to speed on a subject? Here are seven infographics we recommend you look at.

ROME -- These seven infographics have been produced by organizations that in different ways work to fight hunger and raise awareness about it. They highlight different aspects of the problem and between them help point the way to solutions.


1. What happens in the first 1,000 days of a child's life?

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The 1,000 Days partnership focuses on the importance of proper nutrition during the critical 1,000 days from the start of a woman’s pregnancy. This crucial time period determines a child’s future development. Here’s how proper nutrition during those days can break the cycle of poverty: See Infographic


2. Get the latest stats on food security    


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The UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), WFP’s sister agency in Rome, has created this straightforward infographic that provides the latest stats on food insecurity. It shows how far we’ve come over the years and how much more we still need to do:  See Infographic


3. Why fighting hunger means fighting malnutrition 


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ONE is an advocacy and campaigning organization that aims to raise awareness on issues such as hunger and poverty. This infographic was created for last June’s Hunger Summit in London and highlights the two sides to malnutrition:  See Infographic  


4. What does 'stunting' mean? 


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Stunting – or lower than normal growth -- in children is a common consequence of poor nutrition. UNICEF uses a range of illustrations to explain the causes and concerns of stunting:  See Infographic 


5. How nutritious is daily bread?


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Save The Children is an NGO working to support children’s lives across the globe. Their infographic modelled after a nutrition label provides a fact sheet of statistics on malnutrition as well as an insight into the nutritional value of a staple food in Ethiopia:  See Infographic 


6. Does more economic growth mean better nutrition?


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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has produced this detailed infographic to demonstrate the effects of economic growth on nutrition. Although growth helps reduce hunger, it doesn’t  necessarily mean an automatic improvement in nutrition:  See Infographic 


7. What's the next step in the fight against hunger?  


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So what can we do to help prevent hunger? In this quick and simple infographic, USAID tells us about the breakthroughs that have been made and the areas in which investment is still needed:  See Infographic