8 Must-See Videos On World Hunger

Climate, nutrition, gender equality...there are many sides to global hunger and, while none of them is hard to understand by itself, it's helpful to look at them one by one. Here are eight short videos that help you do that. 

ROME -- The World Food Programme, like several of the organizations behind these videos, is working for a world with zero hunger. By watching them, and educating yourself about hunger, you are taking an important step towards joining that global effort.

1. Hunger isn’t just a stomach thing – World Vision

stick-person in three stages of growth

This video explains malnutrition in easy terms and shows the effects it can have on children’s health. It emerges clearly that children don’t just need food – they also need it to be the right food. View video


2. What is Food Insecurity? – Thomson Reuters Foundation    

Words asking What is food

This neat video by the Thomson Reuters Foundation explains what we mean exactly by 'food security' - a term that crops up frequently in discussions about hunger and how to tackle it. View video


3. Five Hunger Myths - Capac Roberts/AlertNet

Words stating "Five Hunger Myths"

There are many misconceptions on the subject of hunger and this short video blasts five of the most common. Is there enough food to feed the world? Do famines always happen in Africa? Find out here. View video


4. Why Women Matter - USAID

Animated woman in a desert

Women are often portrayed as being victims of hunger. And frequently they are. But more importantly they are a critical part of the solution. This video from USAID powerfully makes the case that empowering women will help beat hunger. View video

5. Ending Deadly Hunger For Good - Action Against Hunger

Animated person cooking

How close are we to ending deadly hunger? This video argues that we’re not far off, given some of the innovations that have been made recently in the area of special foods for children who are vulnerable to malnutrition. View video


6.  The First 1,000 Days Of Life Are Critical - UNICEF UK

Two women exchanging rations for food

As the title suggests, the first 1,000 days of a child's life are incredibly important. They are crucial in determining the future health and prospects of that child. This video from Unicef UK makes it all very clear. View video


7. Hunger, Nutritrion and Climate Change - IrishAid 

The sun coming over the hill

The close links between climate change and world hunger are explored in an engaging way in this animated video made for last year’s Hunger, Nutrition and Climate Justice conference in Dublin. View video


8. Working for Zero Hunger - World Food Programme

Woman feeding her babyThere's enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child. So a world with zero hunger is within reach. In fact, it's what WFP, along with many other partners, is working for. This video explains how we're going about it. View video

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