Birthday Boy Zane Feeds 1,000 Hungry Children

After stumbling upon while surfing the web, a British schoolboy has decided to give up birthday presents this year to help feed the world's hungry.

LONDON -- Zane Smith, a nine-year-old from Killigrew Primary School in St. Albans, has decided he doesn't want birthday presents this year. Instead, he has asked his school friends to donate money to the World Food Programme.

By sacrificing his presents he has managed to raise £165, which is enough to feed a staggering 1,000 school children in the developing world for a day. 

"We are so proud of Zane," says Zara Belmar, his mother. "He found WFP's website while surfing the net. He was so struck by the plight of other children that he decided he had to do something to help".

As Zane put it: "I don't mind about birthday presents this year. I always get special presents, so this year I want to make a difference for others".

With the number of hungry people in the world creeping towards 1 billion, it's more important than ever to support the work of the World Food Programme. The organization aims to feed about 100 million people in 77 countries in 2009.