El Salvador: Pizza Hut and WFP Celebrate Second Kids Marathon

Pizza Hut and the World Food Programme are celebrating on August 26th the Puch Marathon II, an event that is part of the overall World Hunger Relief campaign that are promoted by YUM! Brands. The main goal is to increase public awareness of the issue of hunger and to raise funds for WFP and other international organizations.

The marathon Puch is an activity implemented annually by Pizza Hut in El Salvador since 2011. With the aim of raising funds to help the project Nurture El Salvador developed by the WFP within the country. In El Salvador YUM! Brands has contributed $ 1.3 million to fund this project, which provides nutrition care and education to children under 5 and pregnant and lactating mothers.

The project Nurture El Salvador is run by WFP in coordination with government and private partners. The project was first implemented in 2009 through involvements to prevent undernutrition. In its first phase, Nurture El Salvador assisted some 16,000 people between mothers and children alone. It is expected that the second phase may involve some 11,800 children under 5 years and 7,600 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The envisioned coverage nationally is 36 municipalities with higher prevalence of chronic undernutrition to 29%.

The Puch Marathon II includes the development of a media campaign to raise funds, awareness-raising educational activities on the issue of hunger with employees of Pizza Hut, promotional sales materials in restaurants and visits to communities participating in the project Nurture El Salvador.