FamilyChef: Byrek me Gjizë

Welcome to WFP's new recipe series. Explore the culinary treasures and cooking abilities of those who benefit from WFP's cash and vouchers, an initiative that allows individuals to buy the food they need to cook their traditional dishes.

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Today VoucherChef takes you to Albania, to taste Salta's byrek. Salta lives in the Fier prefecture, one of the most severely affected areas by the floods that hit the country in February 2015.


1) Go to your preferred grocery and carefully select the ingredients. Quality matters!

Salta shops for ingradients
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

2) Mix flour, salt and water and vigorously knead until you obtain an elastic, compact dough.

Salta mixed flour, salt and water
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

3) Crack the eggs, mix them and admire their colour.

Eggs being cracked into a plate
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

4) Then add the yogurt and continue to mix.

Eggs and yougurt being mixed
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

5) Make 13 golf ball-sized portions. One for each layer.

Salta working the dough
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

6) Patiently roll the dough in all directions until it’s almost invisible. The thinner the better.

Teh  dough being rolled
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

7) Oil a round pan and start unrolling dough layers.

The dough is being unrolled into a pan
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

8) After the third, generously spread egg-yogurt mix.

Eggs and yougurt being added into the pan
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

9) Then add another layer and crumble some feta cheese on it. Don’t be shy.

More ingradients added to the pan
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

10) Repeat this procedure 3 times. Remember, the thinner the layers, the better the byrek.

More ingradients added to the pan
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

11) Cut the pie in squares for an easier serving and pour some oil on top of it.

The pie being cut in squares
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

12) Bake it at 180 °C for 40 minutes. Make it cool a little bit and enjoy.

The pie being baked
Photo:WFP/Carlos Munoz

As a result of the damages caused by the floods, Darzeze village had intermittent electricity. When we were there, the power was out and Salta wasn’t able to bake the
byrek with her red, electric oven. We cannot bring electric power back to affected villages in emergencies but we can keep providing food assistance to vulnerable people like Salta and her affectionate family.

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