FamilyChef: Samar's Mujaddara

Welcome to WFP’s recipe series. Find out how this Palestinian mother in Gaza cooks the traditional Levant dish, Mujaddara, using much less oil than the original recipe calls for. She buys all her ingredients using WFP food vouchers. 

On the menu today is Mujaddara with Bulgur – a healthy recipe Samar enjoys cooking. 

List of ingradients

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1) Add the lentils to a pot and boil in 1 litre of water on a medium heat for 20 minutes. After 15 minutes, add the bulgur (which is healthy and rich in fibres), salt, cumin and black pepper. Let all simmer for 20 minutes. 

A woman pouring water into a pot of lentils
Photo:WFP/Eyad Al Baba

2) While the lentils and the bulgur are simmering, start chopping the onion and add it to the pot. The original recipe calls for frying the onions, but it is better to add the onions while the lentils and bulgur are boiling to keep its nutritional value. 

Onion being chopped
Photo:WFP/Eyad Al Baba

3) Chop the tomatoes and wash the mint; this will be served on top of the Mujaddara. 

tomatoes being chopped and added to a pan
Photo:WFP/Eyad Al Baba

4) After about 40 minutes, taste to check whether the mujaddara is fully cooked. If not, add some water and let it simmer on a low heat until it is cooked and ready to be served. 

A woman serving mujaddara on a plate
Photo:WFP/Eyad Al Baba

5) Serve the dish on large plates with tomatoes and mint leaves on top – do not add yoghurt to the dish, as it prevents the absorption of iron. 

A woman shows two big plates of mujaddara with tomatoes and mint added on top
Photo:WFP/Eyad Al Baba

6) Enjoy the delicious and healthy meal!

A woman and two children enjoying their meal
Photo:WFP/Eyad Al Baba

Cash And Vouchers

A WFP cash and vouchers card
Photo: WFP/Jane Howard

WFP delivers hundreds of thousands of tons of food each year, but, increasingly, we give hungry people cash or vouchers to buy food for themselves. Learn more about WFP's cash and vouchers programmes.


Syrian refugees buying food in a market
Photo: WFP/Eyad Al Baba

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