Five Reasons Why We Can Defeat Hunger

The world is better positioned than ever before to fight and defeat global hunger, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran told delegates at the World Food Summit in Rome, citing the commitment, knowhow and unity that now exist around the issue.

In a statement to delegates at the three-day World Food Summit, Sheeran stressed that the time for words was over and called for a mobilisation of "all nations, all people, all resources".

Sheeran listed five reasons why defeating hunger was within reach now more than ever before:

1. There is commitment

For the first time in history the world is in concert to support comprehensive country-led solutions. Leaders committed themselves at the G8 summit in l’Aquila and again at the G20 in Pittsburgh.

2. Unity is possible

The world has shown that it can unite to fight hunger. Last year WFP had more than 100 donor nations – most of whom are also helping this year, even in the crunch of the global financial crisis.

3. We have the knowhow

We know how to defeat hunger and malnutrition. In the past decades developing nations like Brazil, China, Vietnam, Rwanda, Malawi and Ghana have lifted tens of millions of people out of malnutrition

4. Comprehensive approaches exist

Approaches such as WFP’s innovative Purchase for Progress offer comprehensive solutions which bring together country leadership, support from the Rome-based agencies, and from nations around the world.

5.  It’s everyone’s job

Fighting hunger and malnutrition is the job of everyone, not just world leaders. If every person with plenty shared just a $1.50 or Euro a week with those who do not have enough food, hunger could be overcome virtually overnight. Billion for a Billion

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