French Language Celebrated On FreeRice

Parlez-vous français? Are you one of the 116 million people currently studying French? Looking to brush up on your French geography? If so, then listen up!

PARIS -- To mark the International Day of La Francophonie on March 20th, the viral online game Freerice has launched a new set of questions focusing on the French language and the French-speaking world.  It’s a great opportunity for the 220 million French speakers (and students of the language) to test their knowledge of what is commonly known as ‘Francophonie’.

Just like everywhere else on FreeRice, 10 grains of rice are donated to WFP to feed the world’s hungry for every correct answer. The rice is paid for by the advertising banners on the website.

“The new set of questions is based on the diverse cultural, linguistic and geographical aspects of the French-speaking world,” says Marina Catena, WFP Director for France and Monaco.  “They’re aimed at engaging thousands of people, from Montréal to Hanoi and from Dakar to Paris.”

FreeRice has become an online phenomenon since it was launched in 2007. It now has a million registered players and it has already raised nearly 100 billion grains of rice. That’s enough to feed nearly 5 million people in countries such as Haiti, Uganda, or Cambodia.

The English version of has over 45,000 questions in six different languages, including many categories ranging from “Flags” and “Chemistry” to  “Human Anatomy” and “Famous Paintings”.

To join OIF and WFP in promoting the French language and the fight against hunger, go to and 

french language page

Did you know…

The World Food Programme has a French language website and a French Facebook page too!