G-20: What The FT Didn't Ask Obama

As the world looks to London for solutions to the economic crisis, many important questions are being asked. But for Nancy Roman there are also a few that aren't.

I've just read the Obama interview in the Financial Times. He talks about hopes for the G-20 summit and the economic crisis that the whole world is now feeling.

It's a fine interview, well worth reading. But I was surprised to see that the FT didn't ask a few important questions. For example:

  • What will the economic  crisis mean for the world's poor?
  • What are developed nations doing to make sure this doesn't hit developing nations hard?
  • What are the ramifications of the London summit for the world's hungry?


These are questions that must not be forgotten. Not by Obama and not by the G-20.  If you want my answers, look at my previous posting -- Put hunger on the table at G-20 -- or go to WFP's Global Food Crisis page.

I know the FT haven't forgotten these issues, because they published an editorial -- G20 must not forget the poorest -- which proved it. I trust Obama and the other leaders gathered in London have read it too.