Getting Food To Gaza

When WFP launched its emergency operation for Gaza recently, setting up food flows was no easy task. As Ekram El-Huni explains, the El Arish warehouse in Egypt was a crucial part of the logistics operation.

EL ARISH (Egypt) --  Ekram El-Huni was a key member of the logistics team which coordinated shipments of food from the El Arish warehouse in Egypt to distribution points in Gaza.

Until the start of the operation, WFP had no established presence in El Arish and so the logistics team had to set up the entire system basically from scratch – a task which Ekram admits was quite  “challenging”.

                                              Report by Reem Nada (WFP Cairo) 

Since the hostilities erupted on 27 December, WFP has continued delivering food to the civilian population in Gaza, distributing two-month rations to more than 223,000 people. Read more