Enterprising Girl Feeds 2,800 Kids In Pakistan

After learning that families in Pakistan had been driven from their homes by flooding, 9-year-old Emilie decided that she wanted to help. So she started selling lemonade and gave a speech at a local church. In just a few days, Emilie had raised US $700—enough to feed some 2,800 children in Pakistan.

ROME—Emilie, 9, was upset by what she saw on television about families in Pakistan who were living in tents after the devastating monsoon floods.

She asked her mother what had happened and learned that millions of people had lost their homes and were at risk of going hungry. So Emilie made up her mind to help them. 

“I decided to sell lemonade and give the money to the World Food Programme so that they could use it to help people,” said Emilie, who lives in Rome. 

Her idea paid off. In a single day of selling lemonade to passersby, the enterprising nine-year-old made $200 to contribute to the food relief effort.

Convinced that she could do even more, Emilie went on to deliver an impassioned appeal at her grandmother’s church, where parishioners donated another $500 to the cause.

By the end of her campaign, Emilie had raised over US $700 which she donated to WFP—enough to feed some 2,800 kids like her.

“Anyone can make a difference in the world,” says Emilie. “It doesn’t always have to be money. If everybody did a little, we could all do a lot.”