Haitians Say Thank You

Since the earthquake in Haiti, WFP has provided food assistance to close to 4 million people in Port-au-Prince and beyond. Here are four women in the capital who each wanted to say thank you to WFP and its donors for the food they have received.

Food for Haiti

haitian woman carrying a bag of wfp food over her head

This week, WFP is starting a programme providing cooked meals for school children in Port-au-Prince. The goal is to reach 60,000 children from some 170 schools. This is in addition to school meals programmes which have already resumed in many parts of the country.

WFP has started a nutrition drive targeting 53,000 children under five and 16,000 pregnant and breast-feeding mothers with specialised food in camps all over Port-au-Prince.


young children eating their school meals gathered around a table


(The women whose photos appear in this slideshow spoke in Creole. Their translated remarks were re-recorded by English-speaking Haitian women.)  


Govt donors

Govts who have provided funds for  WFP’s operations in Haiti include Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Benin,  Bolivia,  Brazil,  Canada,  China,  Colombia, Denmark,  European Commission,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan,  Luxembourg,  Malawi,  Netherlands,  New  Zealand,  Norway, Poland,  Republic  of  Korea,  Romania,  South  Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand,  United  Kingdom,  and the United States as well as the American  Red  Cross  and  other private sector entities. WFP has also secured funds from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

Private sector donors

WFP has received unprecedented help from the private sector, amounting to donations of nearly US$65 million, which includes a donation from the American Red Cross of US$30 million and 3 million ready-to-eat meals.
WFP has had donations of cash and help amounting to more than US$500,000 each from companies including Yum! Brands, TNT, Unilever and ADM.  Donations of between US$250,000 and US$400,000 each have been received from Chevron, DSM, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. (see full list)