Honduras: National Authorities Inaugurate the 2014 School Year

“Education is very important. I want all of the children in Honduras to have access to a good education. No matter where they live, nor whether or not their parents have money”, expressed President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández.

TEGUCIGALPA. –Together the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, First Lady Ana Hernandez,  President of the National Congress, Mauritius Oliva, Minister of Education, Marlon Escoto, Minister of Social Development, Lisandro Rosales, and WFP Representative, Pasqualina DiSirio gathered to inaugurate the beginning of the 2014 school year.

During his speech, the Honduran President spoke of the importance of education for their government and everything that may lead to Honduran families to have a better life. He stressed that his government's efforts will be directed to this issue. The Minister of Education said that one of the goals of the government is to keep children in school longer with the double shift, which will be applied in 10,000 centres nationwide.

“As the World Food Programme we are committed to support government initiatives, such as the two shift program, which will be implemented to strengthen early childhood education through one of the most important programs of the Government of Honduras their School Feeding Programme”. We at WFP are honoured to have been a part of this programme for the past 14 years, and to accompany the changes needed to further strengthen and adapt to the needs of schools, be they, rural or urban

“The World Food Programme is committed in its support of Governmental initiatives. Students, parents and teachers at Jorge J. Larach Basic School Centre thanked the benefactors for having chosen them as the pilot school to start the 2014 school year representing more than 22,000 public schools and more than 2 million students. Due to the strategic partnership between the Government of Honduras and the World Food Programme, school meals has benefitted 1.4 million students in 2013.