How The Online Billion Is Helping The Hungry Billion

Less than a year ago the number of hungry people in the world topped 1 billion for the first time in history. In response, WFP called on the online billion to step up and make a difference.

ROME - With the ‘Billion for a Billion’ campaign, we’ve asked people to take action by donating and spreading the word online and elsewhere. The message is simple: If everyone does a little, we can achieve unimaginable results.

Here are some of the things the online billion has achieved so far: 


young children eating school eating out of a mug1. Responded to the earthquake in Haiti with small donations that added up to 12 million meals for children
2. Collectively contributed enough money to feed more than 19 million hungry children in school
3. Donated enough grains of rice through the online quiz game FreeRice to provide meals for 4 million people


woman exchanging her electronic voucher4. Raised awareness through half a million posts on the web about the billion hungry people
5. Shared key hunger facts with friends and colleagues 35,000 times through Twitter and viewed the ‘Billion for a Billion’ video 500,000 times
6. Spread the ‘Billion for a Billion’ call to action through all social networks, using it as a profile picture or background image on personal pages


young boy close-up7. Created inspirational videos about hunger through the HungerBytes video contest. One of the videos gained over 31,000 views on YouTube.
8. Built a movement of 200 bloggers against hunger who help keep the billion hungry in the public eye at all times.
9. Inspired children such as 8-year-old Aditya from India, who wrote to us that we could use his pocket money to help other hungry children.

Sign the petition!

The newest way for the online billion to get involved is to sign the ‘1 Billion Hungry’ petition, launched by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization today. The goal is to get 1 million people to add their names by World Food Day, calling on world leaders to make hunger a priority. Sign here

I wanted to help

"My grandfather told me about the Billion for a Billion program and I wanted to help. Then I learnt that there are millions of children who die even before they are as old as me. So I am using a part of pocket money to help kids who don't even have food. I want to help more when I grow up."
-- Aditya, 8