Hunger Price Tags

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a big difference in the fight against hunger. For the price of things we buy every day, you could feed a classroom full of children or a family of refugees. Here are a few examples to show how little it costs to change lives and build futures.

24 cent postage stampPostage Stamp

For US 20 cents, less than the price of a postage stamp, you could provide a malnourished child with a ration of Plumpy'sup. This super-nutritious peanut paste is specially designed to help malnourished children regain their strength. Find out more

itunes logoSong on iTunes

For US 99 cents, or the price of a song on iTunes, you could provide a child with three rations of Plumpy'Doz--a special nutrition product designed to help children from becoming malnourished. Find out more

latteCafé Latte

For US $8.00, or the price of two café lattes, you could provide the survivor of an earthquake with enough High Energy Biscuits to meet his nutritional needs for over 16 days. Find out more


For US $10, or the price of lipstick in New York, you could feed a child living in a Kenyan refugee camp for over three weeks. Find out more

ipod shuffleIpod

For US $50, or about the price of an iPod shuffle, you could provide a hungry child in school with a nutritious meal every day for an entire year. Find out more

Titanic movie cover"Titanic"

For US $3.5 billion, or about twice as much as the movie "Titanic" grossed worldwide, you could feed every hungry school child on Earth.
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