Indigenous Guaraní Women Organize Nutrition Fair

Women of the Assembly of the Guaraní People (APG) communities of Yakulgua organized a nutrition fair in the city of Yacuiba.

Participants from 18 Guaraní communities showcased fruits and vegetables grown in their community gardens, which are supported by the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Deputy Governor’s Office of Yacuiba. The gardens were part of various initiatives intended to assist communities affected by the drought in the Chaco region last year. 

The Guaraní women displayed their dishes, demonstrating what they had learned during the nutrition education seminars hosted by WFP in addition to the construction of their communal gardens. The dishes included chili beans, pea dumplings, potato stuffing, and stuffed beet sandwiches amongst other tasty dishes.  
The fair marked the closing of a successful project, implemented to improve the food and nutrition security of the Guaraní people of the Chaco region, whom are constantly plagued by drought. 

The time the women spent tending to the gardens and participating in nutrition classes was compensated for with six months of food distributed by WFP and then with vouchers that they were able to redeem at local supermarkets in Yacuiba. The Deputy Governor’s Office of Yacuiba contributed seeds and agricultural inputs, like a rubber, elastic water tank to provide irrigation for the 18 communal gardens.