Meet Molly! Her Future Starts Today

Meet Molly! She’s 13 and she lives in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s one of the 20 million children around the world who get a nourishing meal at school thanks to WFP. School meals are helping millions of adolescent girls like Molly develop the physical and mental strength they need to pull themselves out of hunger and poverty.

NAIROBI -- Although Molly doesn’t have much at home, she’s like any other girl of her age. She has her favourite music, her favourite games and her best friends. She also has hopes for the future. One of them is to help her generation look after the environment better.

Do the Molly Quiz!

Why not take the Molly Quiz? Watch the videos and see if you can answer the questions correctly. For everyone who takes the quiz, a child will get a free school meal.

In order to work towards her goals and lift herself out of poverty, Molly needs to be strong, physically and mentally. And she needs a good education. Fortunately, she’s moving in the right direction.

Thanks to the nutritious WFP meals she gets at school every day, she can stay healthy and concentrate on her lessons. The result is that Molly has a good chance of growing into a strong woman who will earn a living and be able to keep her family free of hunger. In short, those daily meals at school are feeding her future.

And like Molly, there are millions of other adolescent girls in poor countries around the world who are receiving school meals from WFP. This is one of the ways WFP is helping the women of tomorrow achieve their potential.

Effective solution

Empowering women is important to us at WFP because women are at the forefront of efforts to combat and prevent hunger. Remember: in many countries, women make up the bulk of agricultural labour force. They are the backbone of food production systems.

Women are also fundamental when it comes to guaranteeing there is food on the table for the family. Experience shows that in the hands of women, food is far more likely to reach the mouths of needy children.

"People often ask: What can be done to defeat hunger? My answer is simple: empower women, because women are the secret weapon to fight hunger," says WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

Empowering women through food assistance

woman filling out paperwork at a tableHere are some more ways WFP is helping women take control of their lives: