Honduras Hosts International Workshop Early Child Nutrition And Development

The Presidential Appointee Marie Antoinette de Bográn, the Minister of Health Roxana Araujo, the Minister of Social Development Hilda Hernandez, the Ambassador of Chile Rodrigo Pérez Manrique and WFP Representative Miguel Barreto chaired today the launch of an event with national and international nutrition experts to strengthen the technical knowledge of nutrition in Honduras.

The workshop will be held on 18-20 March to support the implementation of programmes that focus on the "1,000 Day Window of Opportunity." The event takes place in the framework of South-South Cooperation with the technical support from the Government of Chile and United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).
Participants are officials who come from different government institutions which are linked to major healthcare programmes that focus on the first thousand days of a human life. The aim of the workshop is to reflect on the wide gaps and challenges faced to improve the implementation of interventions and to enhance the nutritional quality of girls and boys, especially in their first thousand days of life, a period when major physical changes occur, especially in regards to the development of the human brain.
Experts from Chile will be part of the exhibitors who will be sharing their knowledge on that important day. The Chilean delegation is represented by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA) and the School of Public Health; both from the University of Chile. Furthermore, the participation will also include coordinators from the newly-created School of Nutrition at the Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).
With the results of this joint effort an operational plan including national agreements will be established to advance the implementation of nutrition programmes aimed at early childhood development. Following the workshop a report will be synthesized to structure the discussions and analysis developed, which will then be presented to the highest authorities.