More than 6,500 Children Receive WFP Food in Pando

Cobija- The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) will begin to deliver food to 145 schools in six Municipalities within the Department of Pando in order to feed 6,527 school children participating in the sustainable school feeding programme. WFP will also provide technical assistance to local governments and connect smallholder farms with the programme in order to open markets for their production.

WFP’s support is within the framework of the 2013-2017 Bolivia Cooperation Programme, which includes activities that promote food security through production, food and nutrition in the municipalities of Gonzalo Moreno, Puerto Rico, El Sena, San Lorenzo, Villanueva and Santos Mercado in Pando.
The School Feeding Programme in Pando spans over 180 school days a year. The first delivery began with 48 metric tons of fortified flour and vitamin enriched oil—to be used for 60 school days—that will be followed by a second food distribution including additional flour, oil, iodized salt and micronutrient powder. The six municipal governments that benefited from WFP’s assistance in Pando contributed an additional meal, allowing the schools to provide breakfast and lunch.
In addition to the food aid, WFP will provide technical and logistical assistance to the six municipalities to manage their School Feeding Programmes with their own resources. WFP will also provide technical assistance to associations of smallholder farms, in order to cultivate yields suitable for school feeding, so that municipal governments themselves can purchase these products for their school feeding programmes, thus, laying the foundation for the sustainability of these programs and creating a continuous circle of local economic development.
Beyond the School Feeding Programme, WFP in collaboration with the Government of the Department of Pando are developing programmes focusing on maternal nutrition for close to 1,600 women and additional programmes to support the livelihoods and reduce risk for 2000 families. 
During 2014, WFP in Bolivia will feed a total of 33,000 schoolchildren through the School Feeding Programme in the Departments of Pando, Tarija and Chuquisaca.