Pakistan: Food Aid Means Fresh Bread For Homeless Families

After floodwaters washed over her home in the Sindh district of southern Pakistan, Menaz and her family sought refuge in the Sukkur camp for flood victims where WFP is providing them with nutritionally enriched wheat to make bread, oil, and high-energy biscuits tailored to her children’s nutritional needs.

SUKKUR – Seated in front of an open fire, 28 year old Menaz pounds and pummels dough at a camp for flood victims in Sukkur. Children come and go and other women settle on the ground near Menaz to chat.

“I am a good breadmaker, so I spend hours here. First I make the nan bread for my own family but then I also cook for many others too,” she said.

Daily bread

Menaz’s family are among over 24,000 families in Sukkur who have received from WFP 80 kg of flour enriched with vitamins and minerals, 4.5 kilos of cooking oil and 4.5  high energy biscuits – basic rations for a month.

pakistani mothers preparing dinner on the floor of the refugee campShe fled the flood waters, with her husband and four children, as they engulfed her home in Jacobabad, in the southern Sindh province.

“I walked away in the clothes I am still wearing,” she said.

“We have lost everything. Not only our home was destroyed but our buffalos and their calves were drowned, so did our goats.”

Looking forward

Her home for now is a cramped concrete classroom inside a high school complex in Sukkur, shared with another family. More comfort than many who are camped along highways in scorching temperatures across Sindh.

Over 700,000 people in the south eastern province are estimated to have fled their homes amid the flooding. Much of Sindh, such as Menaz’s home in Jacobabad and parts of eastern Kashmore, are still completely inaccessible by road.

“I know for now that I can feed my children with the rations we receive but I do not know how we are going to get started again” said Menaz, slapping another hot nan bread onto the pile.