Philippines Typhoon: WFP Supporting Govt On Emergency Relief Effort

WFP is working closely with the Philippines government to coordinate emergency relief efforts in the wake of a powerful typhoon that that ripped through the central part of the country on Friday, killing at least four people and causing massive destruction. Donate now

Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, made landfall 600km southeast of Manila on Friday morning. It is expected that the typhoon will pass across the country before leaving the Philippine landmass on Saturday morning.

WFP estimates that some 2.5 million people will require immediate food assistance in the aftermath of the typhoon. The UN agency will participate in a Government-led initial needs assessment to be conducted on 10 November. Based on the results, WFP will do more in-depth assessments in priority areas in order to determine the extent of food assistance needs.

The Philippines government has pre-positioned emergency relief supplies in the areas along the typhoon's path and is conducting pre-emptive evacuations.

WFP representatives in the Philippines met with the lead government agency in charge of relief response on Thursday, discussing the priorities of government-led relief efforts and offering support to disaster response activities.