Ndeley Agbaw, Procurement Officer For West Africa, Senegal

Ndeley coordinates food procurement for WFP operations in the 19 countries of West Africa where WFP works. As well as sourcing food from the regional office in Dakar, this also involves supporting the organisation's country offices as they buy food locally. In the course of his work, Ndeley spends alot of time training staff and liaising with local authorities and traders.

1) What is the hardest thing about your job?
The hardest thing about my job is finding the right commodity at the right time at a competitive price. Markets in the region are not as stable and developed as those in Southern Africa and Asia.  Therefore making sure that the right commodity is supplied and delivered at the time when it is needed is often quite a challenge.

2) What did you do before joining WFP?

Before joining WFP I did an internship at United Nations headquarters in New York, then I volunteered at the Baha’I World Center in Israel. I also worked for the UN Development Programme in Angola.

3) How did you find your way into WFP?

I applied for a position in logistics on a local SSA contract in Angola, where I was living at the time.

4) What’s your most moving experience with WFP?
My most moving experience in WFP was helping dying people in Huambo, Angola gain access to food after a civil war in the city that lasted 55 days.

6) What’s your most frightening experience?

My most frightening experience was when I led a group of UN peacekeepers in Bukavu, DRC, to the apartment of a female colleague who was about to be raped by heavily drugged and drunk rebel soldiers. Thankfully, we were able to get there in time and the soldiers left quickly, intimidated by the presence of the convoy.

7) What is a humanitarian?
A humanitarian is a person who has good will and strives to help people in need.

8) Are you one?

I am still striving to be a humanitarian.