Shakira’s “La La La” Celebrates World Coming Together, Supports School Meals

What happens when Shakira and Activia join forces to support WFP? Transformational programmes receive much-needed funding, and thousands of people hear about it for the very first time.

Providing funding, raising awareness

When Shakira and Activia, one of the world's largest yogurt brands, teamed up to make the music video for “La La La (Brazil 2014),” they wanted to celebrate the world coming together. But that is not all; using the music video, they wanted to shine the spotlight on WFP's School Meals Programme – one of the many ways WFP and our partners are building a world with zero hunger.

With the launch of the video on May 22, Activia and Shakira have donated the value of 3 million school meals to our vital programmes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nicaragua, which are facing funding challenges.

The video itself opens and closes with a brief message about WFP, and with every view online, one more person has the chance to learn about the transformational effects of our School Meals Programme.

two young girls awaiting their WFP school meal

After watching the video, viewers can go to The Activia or WFP websites to read more about the partnership and the specifics of the programme.

Highlighting solutions

In some communities where hunger and poverty are at their worst, a WFP school meal may be the only nutritious meal a child receives on a regular basis, and it is a vital component in the fight against malnutrition and hunger-related disease. It can also provide families with the necessary freedom and means to send their children to school, which can translate into significant future benefits for the children, their communities and their country’s economy as a whole.

In a world where challenges often drown out their solutions in the public sphere, this type of visibility is extremely important – particularly for an organization such as WFP that is funded entirely by voluntary donations from governments, foundations, corporations and individuals.

Simply put, the more people who watch and share the video means more people will know that zero hunger is possible. And they will know that their donations to WFP makes a big difference in the lives of children around the world.

You can view the video at (After watching, you can receive an exclusive message from Shakira by joining the WFP community.)