12 Images Of WFP's Fight Against Hunger In 2013

From the conflicts in Syria and Central African Republic to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, 2013 produced a challenging sequence of emergencies. But there were also new findings about school meals and encouraging stories from former aid recipients. Here are 12 photos that look back on a year in WFP's fight against hunger.

Guatemalan woman holding up infected leaves by the coffee rustWFP/Sabrina Quezada



A 'coffee rust' plague hit many farmers in Honduras and Guatemala as 2013 began, destroying crops and livelihoods. In the months that followed, WFP provided food to struggling farmers as they worked to get back on their feet. View gallery

Young syrian girl carrying bottles of olive oilWFP/Abeer Etefa



As the conflict grinds on in Syria, many families find themselves dependent on food aid to survive. WFP scales up its operations inside and outside Syria in an operation which rapidly becomes the organization's most complex emergency worldwide. See video

Ertharin Cousin smiling with a baby girlWFP/Daouda Guirou



WFP's Executive Director Ertharin Cousin travels to Mali, a country still feeling the effects of conflict and drought in 2012. She underlines the importance of ensuring young children in the Sahel region continue to receive the nutrition they need. Read blog

Woman carrying buckets on their headWFP/David Orr

DR Congo


Josephine Ilunga was among 650 people involved in a project to build fishponds and market gardens in the Katanga region of DRC. Participants received WFP food coupons as they built sources of food for the future. Learn More

Young children sitting in a line eating their school meals

WFP/Deepesh Shrestha

School Meals


A groundbreaking report by WFP finds that one in five of the world’s children gets a meal at school every day. Yet where the need is greatest - in low-income countries – the proportion of children reached is at its lowest, the research shows. Read more

aerial shot of immense Zatari refugee camp

French Army/Michel Maure



An aerial shot of Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, the destination of many Syrians fleeing conflict in their country. In one year, the camp grew from nothing to become home for over 100,000 people. WFP provides food for all of them. See video

A before and after picture of peter now looking heathy and well-dressed

WFP/Peter Mumo



Peter Mumo, 25, now has a good job and perfectly able to support himself and his family. But he grew up in poverty and he says his escape from that poverty was in part due to WFP school meals. He told us his fascinating story. Read more

Offloading WFP food and supplies from a helicopter

WFP/George Fominyen

South Sudan


After an outbreak of violence in South Sudan's Jonglei State, WFP organised an airlift of food for thousands of families who had taken refuge in areas that were impossible to reach quickly by truck or other means. See gallery

Young boy happily holding his vouchers in a grocery storeWFP/Emanuela Cutelli



As Syrian families continued to flee the conflict in their country, WFP began distributing food vouchers to refugees in Zaatari refugee camp. Vouchers, which are also being used in Lebanon, inject money into the economies of host communities. Learn more

WFP ad stating Help End World Hunger on a building in Time's SquareWFP/Bettina Luescher

World Food Day


WFP private sector partners stepped up on World Food Day to help us get out the message about global hunger. Fashion designer Michael Kors made sure that  anyone passing through Times Square, New York, got the message loud and clear. Read More

Young Philipino girl smiling as she eatsWFP/Marco Frattini



Super Typhoon Haiyan swept across the central Philippines, leaving a path of death and destructions. Working with the government, WFPrushed in emergency relief supplies and provided critical logistics and telecoms support.. See gallery

Crowd of women bearing concerned expressions AFP/Fred Dufour



An upsurge of fighting in the Central African Republic forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes, creating a humanitarian emergency. WFP is on the ground providing food assistance in the capital Bangui and in the northwest. Watch video

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