Nile Boats Transport Food Aid

Barges carrying urgently needed food to help people cut off by floods and fighting in remote areas of South Sudan are being moved into a convoy on the River Nile at Juba. 

JUBA - A four-barge convoy carrying 1,200 metric tons of cereals from WFP, is headed for the towns of Malakal and Melut in Upper Nile State. 

In Malakal the food will be distributed to people displaced by the conflict which erupted in South Sudan in December. Some of them are sheltering in areas protected by the United Nations. And in Melut, the food assistance will be given to refugees from Sudan who sought refuge in Maban County. 

Many areas of South Sudan have been cut off from road access because of fighting and the rainy season. Barge transport enables WFP to move food in bulk, and is less costly than air transport.