WFP and Influenza Pandemics

As an international organization with global operations, WFP is preparing for the possibility of an influenza pandemic.


  • Senior military pandemic planners from around the world and their national civilian counterparts gathered at WFP's Rome headquarters on Monday for the opening of a week-long conference looking at ways to enhance collaboration and coordination. Read story
  • Vaccine manufacturers hold top-level talks on Tuesday with public health officials to discuss price discounts and unprecedented joint manufacturing arrangements to help limit the effects of the A/H1N1 influenza pandemic in poorer countries. Read article in Financial Times


Here is Peter Scott-Bowden, head of WFP's Avian and Human Flu Task Force, answering three questions:

Pandemic training

Epidemiologists have been telling us for some time that we may face an influenza pandemic in the near future.
two doctors analyzing date for pandemic influenza

Prepared by WFP, Protective Health Measures for Pandemic Influenza is the first in a series of presentations on steps that public health experts recommend for limiting the spread and transmission of infection in a pandemic. 

Watch the training videos.


FAO urges countries to monitor H1N1in pigs

Read the latest news release on A/H1N1 from WFP's sister UN agency in Rome, the Food and Agriculture Organization.


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This page contains material from WFP and elsewhere relevant to influenza pandemics and to current concerns over influenza A/H1N1. However, for the latest information on A/H1N1, please refer to the World Health Organization's website.