WFP plans to feed 285,000 hurricane victims in Guatemala

As the weather situation in Guatemala improves, the full scale of the damage left beind by Hurricane Stan is becoming apparent.

WFP intervention

Since the emergency started, WFP has provided to the Guatemalan government, within the framework of the ongoing relief operation, 1,724 metric tons of food to assist some 87,000 affected families.

WFP has also distributed 20 metric tons of high-energy biscuits to the most isolated areas of the San Marcos and Quetzaltenago departments. In these localities most families have lost their main crops and also 30-60% of their land in mudslides.

Airlifts to deliver high energy biscuits have been facilitated by the US Air Force, and aircraft and trucks have been provided by the governments of Honduras and Ecuador.

Situation update

Conditions are steadily improving, and the government announced that most primary roads are now reopened, and WFP can already access Quetzaltenango and even San Marcos by truck.

It is possible that within two weeks, the helicopter airlifts will be no longer be needed except for reaching a limited number of remote locations

Funding situation

WFP is planning an emergency operation to feed 285,000 people over the next six months, at a cost of US$14.1 million.

This is significantly higher than the original estimate, made just after the floods (9 October flash appeal) when information was very limited, of 150,000 people to feed at US$6.9 million.

So far, WFP has received 21% of the total resources needed through donations from the United States, Norway and Switzerland.